Were-Fore Art Thou

Today’s blog entry can be found over at Evelyn M. Byrne’s “DO YOU KNOW YOUR NEIGHBOR?” site.

Evelyn has been hosting a whole series of essays about paranormal figures…this week has been about werewolves.

For a different perspective on things, I offered her the idea behind the shapeshifting wolves in my story “Sweetheart Come” from the John Skipp anthology that came out last October.

I refuse to call them “werewolves”, because the term is a bit too modern. My pack are definitely wolves, but a race of wolves so old and revered that they have taken on a bit of the magic of the Wood itself and become something like gods (as wolves throughout history are wont to do). The power of the full moon is enough to help them turn human…if only for a little while.

I actually did research for this one. You should read it. And if you don’t mind, please leave a comment with Evelyn thanking her for having me. It’s only polite.

Thanks, guys!