Fairy Tale Theatre

Fairy tales and Alethea’s rants about fairy tales from DragonCon to Podcast to videos!

Princess Alethea’s DragonCon Fairy Tale Rants!

2015 “The Goose Girl”
2016 “The Little Mermaid”
2018 “Prince Ahmed and the Fairy Peri-Banu”

Fairy Tale Rants on YouTube

YouTube rants playlist

More than fifty rants for your fairy tale enjoyment! Start with “The Frog Prince, and keep ranting to your heart’s content!

Fairy Tale Podcasts

Here you will find an assortment of fairy tales read just for you, starting with The Complete Brothers Grimm. You won’t realize how many fairy tales you don’t actually know until you pick up a book and start reading all the ones in between Cinderella and Briar Rose and The Seven Swans.