Happy Anniversary, Soteria & Charles!

Soteria & Charles have been married two years today — hooray!

The rest of us remember what was one of the coolest weddings in history — held at the Charleston Aquarium, my father officiating, Soteria walking down the steps in her customized designer gown to a string-version of The Pixies’ “Where is My Mind?”, my nephew cracking us all up during the “speak now or forever hold your peace”, Monica’s amazing flower arrangements complete with fish in the vases, and the dancing. All the wonderful dancing. Including this one. Remember this?

The song is “Burning Down the House” — the demo tape got yanked off YouTube, but the tutorial is still there:

And here is a clip from the actual dance being performed at the wedding, complete with some of us jokers wearing masks like the tutorial taught us:

The best part, though, was never captured on video — like most truly best moments are. But those of us who were there remember someone handing the wedding soundtrack to the bartender at the after party, and someone else pushing the tables aside so we could all jump up and do an impromptu recreation of the dance right then and there.

Because all the best people’s lives include impromptu musical numbers.

Happy anniversary, Soteria & Charles. Here’s to many more awesome years. xox

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