Music Monday (Fairy Tale Edition)

Every Monday while I’m on book tour for Enchanted, I’m going to share a fun music video that features love, fairy tales, magic, or my inspirations.

Today’s song is “Fable” by Robert Miles.

Those fans of the 1998 fairy tale classic Ever After may recognize this song from the film’s trailer…but it was lamentably not included in the soundtrack. Thank goodness for the days of Google, when we no longer have to be kept about the dark about such things!

For the record, I adore Drew Barrymore and I love Ever After. It’s one of my favorite films. But I was angry after I saw it in the theatre because I knew in my heart that I could have told a better Cinderella story. I hope, with Enchanted, that I did.

This fan-made video for “Fable” features still shots from Ever After.

(You can still find the original trailer for Ever After here. The first song featured is Lorena McKennitt’s “The Mummer’s Dance.” “Fable” kicks in right about 1:03.)