Whatever: Princess Alethea’s Big Fat Enchanted Idea

It’s no secret: I have a crush on John Scalzi.

It’s okay; his wife knows about it.

To be fair, he had a crush on me first. (Or so he says.)

Whatever you choose to believe, there is some serious mutual love and respect going on here. Which is why on this May 8, 2012, the Official Release Date and Book Birthday for Enchanted, I am honored to have been invited to write an essay for The Big Idea on John’s Whatever blog.

John is one of my Muses, along with Mary Robinette Kowal, Sherrilyn Kenyon, and Janet K. Lee. I have learned many things from him, like Noblesse Oblige (my translation) and turning off the comments on a blog post in order to force people to go to the website where you’re posting and say a few words.

Please stop by Whatever today and share some love!