Princess Treasures!

Good morning, everyone! I’m home from the Big Apple and have already taken nap one for the day. Huzzah! The rest of the day will consist of: reading, napping, writing reviews, napping, and drinking LOTS of water. What are you up to this fine morning?

Well, when you’re done with that, pop over to Treasured Tales for Young Adults to read a lovely interview with MOI and win some swag! Not a book this time, but cool fun Princess Alethea Stuff. Included in the prize pack are:

1x Alethea Kontis card (signed by Alethea); 1x The Monster and Mrs Blake bookmark; 1x A is for Alice sticker: 1x Alpha Oops business card; 1x Enchanted magnet; 1x Alethea Kontis magnet; 1x Enchanted postcard; 1x Alethea Kontis postcard; 1x The Wonderland Alphabet postcard; 1x Enchanted card with book description.

All you have to do is fill out the rentry form! (And be a follower of the Treasured Tales for Young Adults blog (very worth it)).  You are also welcome to leave a comment telling us what magic ability YOU would have if you could. Want to know what mine is? The answer is in the interview!

Click on over. Be awesome. I’m gonna check in on you to see your answers later!