Princess Alethea’s Chinese Portrait

My dear friend Faith Hunter, whom I met at Mysticon earlier this year invited me to guest post on her blog something called “A Chinese Portrait.”

These are not your traditional interview questions — it’s something a bit more meta than that.  For example:


If you were a work of art?

I’m the doodle you drew on the napkin at the restaurant that one memorable night. You stuck me on your refrigerator when you got home. Even thought it’s been so long, you still can’t bring yourself to throw me away because something about the lines, the recollection, intrigues you so much that you get lost in a daydream, and when you snap out of it a few minutes later, there’s a smile on your face, but you can’t remember why. Not that it matters.

If you were a sound?

Waves crashing on the shore. Beautiful, soothing, inspiring, yet always a storm at sea.


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