The Princess Formerly Known as Snow White

Jo Ramsey kindly invited me to do a guest post over at her blog today. I was welcome to do whatever I wanted — song, dance, juggling, blog about my life, blog about writing, or do an interview with one of my characters.

This is a trend in genre fiction — especially with YA and Romance — where authors submit an interview as if someone had interviewed one of their characters. I have never done this before, and it posed an interesting quandary. Do I interview the character as she was before the story, or do I interview her after the story has already changed her life?

I knew that I wanted to interview one of the characters from “The Unicorn Hunter,” my short story in John Skipp’s DEMONS anthology (that is out right now).

I knew who my subject would be, of course. Her name is Ashes-on-the-Wind, but Once Upon a Time, she was known as Snow White. None of this is addressed in “The Unicorn Hunter,” however. She is known only as “the princess” and the demon is “the demon.” (When there are only two characters in a story that most people think they already know, why bother with silly things like names?)

Ultimately what I decided was to interview my princess in such a way that it MADE you want to run out and read the story.

Was I successful? Well, I guess you’ll have to pop over to Jo’s blog today and find out for yourself.

(And yes, ENCHANTED folks, this is the backstory of a character that is very important to the world of ENCHANTED…you just don’t know it yet.)