Fun Stuff for Good Readers

Much to my dismay (and yours, I know), ENCHANTED won’t be out in stores until May 8th of 2012. It seems like a long time to wait, doesn’t it?

Of course, in this day and age, we have a lot of other ways to get our fix for books we can’t wait to read (like Tamora Pierce’s and Robin McKinley’s next books).

If you can’t wait to read ENCHANTED, you can always read “The Unicorn Hunter,” which is the backstory for the character Ashes-on-the-Wind. Who is Ashes? Well, she doesn’t appear in ENCHANTED, but her story is integral to the Woodcutter Universe. Which means you just have to pick up John Skipp’s DEMONS anthology and find out!

You can also go onto Goodreads and click on ENCHANTED as a book you’d like to read. My friend (fellow author Cassie Alexander) brought this to my attention last week. I checked, and as of this morning, 546 people have marked ENCHANTED as to-read! I have to say, this far away from the release date, I was floored by the response. So was my publisher. So THANKS , GUYS! YOU ROCK!

The third thing is one of my favorite places to play: Twitter! Leanna was telling me about the random giveaways she does when she reaches certain landmarks of followers…I think this is a great idea! I’m almost to 1900 followers right now — when I reach2000, I’ll give away a print collection of my short stories. How does that sound? But you must be following me on Twitter to enter! Look for the tweet to RT…I’ll be posting it soon!