She’s Back, Baby!

That’s right — I’m back from Dragon*Con, the Internet is back up, and now my website is cooperating so I can post again!

Of course, I still have that pesky bookstore day job (and Fairy Goddaughter the Elder’s Birthday) so you won’t get all the info at once…but you’re okay with that, and I thank you for your patience.

Here’s a seriously great interview that K. Tempest Bradford did with Leanna Renee Hieber and me the Saturday of Dragon*Con between the Yule Ball and the Time Travelers Ball (that’s right–we were ball-hopping). In it, Leanna and I chat (in more of a conversation-chat than a Q&A presentation, which is lovely) about the wonders and difficulties of being SF fans and pros at the same time. I also make a secret announcement about an as-yet-unannouced project I am very squeeish about. You can check it out here.

Not only Dragon*Con happened over the weekend — on Friday, the only other Books-a-Million in the area announced its closing–on top of the Borders closing–so over the holidays our tiny little store is going to be the only game in town.It’s not even Halloween. Yes, I am scared. But only so many customers can fit in our store at a time, so I’m not *that* scared…

But I may need to start looking for another job. Like, yesterday.