Shopgirls and GodDaughters

For those of you who might have missed it on Twitter or Facebook — yes, I did get a part time job working in a clothing store. I won’t mention which one (mostly since they’re not paying me to advertise on my site), so I’ll just refer to it as “Le Shoppe.” And in it, I am the Shopgirl.

Tonight was my first night on the job, and we were slammed. My boss just threw me right in the deep end. Wasn’t much I could do but paddle around and ask people if they needed help I didn’t know how to give. But I asked anyway. I smiled and laughed and listened to stories and handed guests off to more experienced employees than me. I folded a LOT of clothes. I broke a sweat. I had a good time. And next time, I’ll know a little bit more. Every time will be a little less daunting.

So I got home from work to a dark house — everyone was ready for bed, it seemed — but the Fairy GodDaughters trickled down the stairs while I was making some dinner to tell me about their days. Some good things, some bad things, more bad things, some cleaning, some homework, and some more cleaning (which they’re doing now…at 10:15pm).

And while I was having my leftover taco, I was informed that tomorrow is one of those “Take Your Kid to Work” days. Apparently, here in my Emerald City, it’s totally okay for your kids to skip school, so long as they tag along to a parental unit’s place of employment. And some places of employment have kid-friendly days…it’s a whole big celebratory thing. (Do you guys have this where you live?)

So guess which work the Fairy Goddaughters chose to go to tomorrow?


That’s right, kiddies…I get TWO — count ’em, TWO — personal assistants tomorrow. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I have a LIST. Oh, yes, do I have a list. Of things they can actually do, that I desperately need help with. And we get to do them all before I leave for the retreat on Friday! Huzzah!

As a bonus — and to properly get the “Writing Lifestyle Experience” — I’ve considered inviting them to the Sherrilyn Kenyon booksigning in Arlington at 6pm tomorrow. That way they get the full effect, right? What do you guys think?

Oh…goodie of all goodies!! I can’t WAIT.