Writers/Princesses In Training

Hello! My name is Ariell Branson, and I’ll be guest blogging here today for the Princess. Because today is take your kid/fairy goddaughter to work day, which basically means that, instead of learning algebra, or say, “physical education” my sister (Kassidy) and I get to learn to be full time writers. Which, takes a lot more work than you might imagine, on today’s agenda we have:

1. Blogging, because sharing is caring.

2. Recording fairy tales for Princess Alethea’s Fairy Tale Theater, which is fabulous. Be sure to check that out if you haven’t already!

3. Interviewing authors, because we need to know what kind of questions we’ll be asked when we’re famous.

4. Going to Starbucks, because supposedly that’s how professional writers start their day. And because frappuccinos are fabulous.

5. Experimenting with new smoothie recipes, because, if the writing thing fails, it’s always good to have a backup plan.

6. Lastly, we may go to Sherilyn Kenyon’s book signing, to learn how to deal with pushy fans, of course.

So, hopefully your day will also be filled with hard work, “family,” and just a little bit of fairy dust.

(Picture drawn by Natalie Bennett)