A Sad Day

AlphaOops: The Day Z Went FirstI am sad to report that after eight happy years, Candlewick is finally putting ALPHAOOPS: THE DAY Z WENT FIRST out of print in hardcover.

There are only about 50 left in existence — if you’ve ever wanted one–for you or as a gift for a friend — now’s the time to pick one up. You guys get whatever you want, and then I’ll buy the rest.

I still hate that this is happening before AlphaOops: Christmas ever had a shot. There is a sadness in my heart, deep down, and I’m not sure it will ever go away. <3

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Un-Oopsing the Alphabet

In this cute YouTube video, a young fan reads all of the AlphaOops letters…in order.

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AlphaOops in the Post-Tribune

AlphaOops: The Day Z Went FirstYes, I know, I’ve been remiss about blogging. (Being sick just kind of saps the desire to remind the world (and my mother) how awesome I’m not feeling.)

So here’s a lovely tidbit to share: AlphaOops: The Day Z Went First was mentioned in the Chicago Post-Tribune earlier this week. Can you believe it originally came out SEVEN YEARS AGO? Crazy, I know, because we are not that old.

(Click the quote below to see the full article.)

Letters. Words. Stories. It’s a building process that begins with the letters of the alphabet. I wonder who invented them. Who decided the order? Why does A come first? In “Alpha Oops!” Alethea Kontis shows us what happens when Z asks the same question. In this book subtitled “The Day Z Went First” we find the answer.

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Pics from New York Comic Con

I leave for the Waterworld Mermaid Writing Retreat in Ocean City, MD tomorrow — I am GOING TO FINISH THIS NOVEL REVISION by next week, no ifs, ands, or buts. (Unless I need them in a paragraph.)

But I’ve come up for air after packing (…again…) to post my lovely pics from NYCC. As always, I wish there were more  (and I wish there were more of me!) but Janet and I were happily trapped behind a very busy table in Artists Alley the entire weekend. I’m actually shocked I captured this many great costumes.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by!

(Click on the picture to go to the full album).

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My NY Comic Con Schedule

Stopping square in the middle of the HERO novel edit to go to NY today. NY Comic Con, here I come!

If you’ve downloaded the NYCC app (which is a smart thing to do), I’m not actually listed. BUT YOU ALL KNOW WHERE TO FIND ME: At Janet Lee’s table in Artist Alley!

I will be there for the duration of the convention — that’s right: Thursday – Sunday. Please come by and see me!

Janet and I also have special WONDERLAND ALPHABET signings at the Archaia Entertainment booth (Exhibitor 1520) at the following times:

Fri, 10/12
12-1pm (with Janet Lee), Table 1

Sat, 10/13
4-5pm (with Janet Lee), Table 1

Sun, 10/14
2-3pm (with Janet Lee), Table 1

Only WONDERLAND ALPHABET will be available during those times, but if you come by Artists Alley, I’ll have ENCHANTED and tons of ALPHAOOPS: H IS FOR HALLOWEEN. (‘Tis the season!)

Janet and I will also be selling THE COMPLETE SET OF ALPHABET PRINTS from WONDERLAND ALPHABET, which has never before been available.

And…as always…THERE WILL BE SWAG.

Why wouldn’t you stop by? See you fellow geeks there! xox


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Busy Blood Moon

Hello, my lovelies!

Returned from Baltimore Book Fest , wet and not unscathed — darn cold fingers and steel corset snaps! Pictures will be up…soonish (and not of the thumb injury, because I will not have you guys all freaking out on me again. Suffice it to say it’s bad).

Came home to exhaustion and HERO’s edit letter, which looks to be three pages of NO SMALL FEATS in which I turn a pretty good manuscript into a REALLY FREAKING AWESOME BOOK.

I have a week in which to do this. Then it’s off to NY Comicon (will post schedule later, but for now you can always find me at Janet Lee’s table in Artists Alley!) and the meeting with said editor in which I get to confess all my sins if I don’t have that rewrite turned in tout suite.

Then it’s a week off (with more edits…this work takes a LONG time) before the Waterworld Mermaids Writing Retreat, in which I plan on being mostly incommunicado while I 1.) Finish HERO, 2.) finish TRIXTER, and possibly even 3.) Catch Up On Some Things. We’ll see.

Unfortunately, this blog is probably not going to be one of those things…so do find me on Facebook or Twitter (Mom, you can still watch the Twitter feed from the blog page without having to sign up).

If you’re looking for something to do, I encourage you to check out the Waterworld Mermaids this month — they’re posting ghost stories for the entire month of October while they get ready for Halloween. (Trust me, I am SO BUMMED I didn’t get to take part in this.)

Avery put together this SUPER SPOOKY trailer to get you in the mood for The Ghost of Mermaid Lagoon. Enjoy!

And don’t forget to stock up on your All Hallows Reads for the kiddies! You can still get AlphaOops: H Is for Halloween: Midi Edition for only $7.99 at Amazon! (Be sure to use that affiliate link when ordering.)

Have fun this Fall, everyone — enjoy the weather, and I’ll catch you on the flip side! xox

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Hello, everyone!

You may remember back a few weeks ago, when I mentioned that a friend had emailed me, congratulating me on AlphaOops: The Day Z Went First having a cameo in The Smurfs Movie.

Sure enough, my cousin Jamie (who had the DVD on hand) took a screen shot for me — there is is, front and center!


Last night, I started getting some posts on my Facebook wall, and this morning I woke up to a slew of tweets and emails directing me to the link to CBS Sunday Morning, which ran their feature with Nora Roberts yesterday.

The interview was done this spring, when Nora hosted the Washington Romance Writers at her bookstore for the Mega Booksigning. I remember the camera crew there that day (but mostly I remember sitting next to the awesome duo of Allison Leotta and Alma Katsu).

If you watch the interview (in which Nora comes across as exceptionally articulate and the interviewer comes off as…someone not so articulate), right around 6:50 Nora takes the interviewer into the Nora Roberts Section of Turn the Page. In the middle of that section is a table featuring books from the WRW signing, and smack dab in the middle is AlphaOops: H Is for Halloween.

So both AlphaOops books have now busted into movies AND major network television.

Next: THE OVAL OFFICE! *grin*

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I should really mention that there is a VERY IMPORTANT PAPERBACK out today.

AlphaOops: The Day Z Went First is now available in paperback for the very first time anywhere!

I’m so very honored, because 1.) you have to be a Very Important picture book for your publisher to release you into paperback and 2.) this is the very first book I’ve ever had (not counting Elemental, because it was a hard/paper simultaneous publication) that has come out in paperback after being first released in hardcover!

If you own AlphaOops: The Day Z Went First, I encourage you to take advantage of this lovely low price point (only $6.99) and buy a few copies for friends, neighbors, and teachers. It makes a great baby shower gift or addition to any library.

While you’re on the Amazon page, please feel free to “Like” the page, tag it, review it, or post it to your social networks, with my sincerest thanks.

And remember, when you read this aloud: DO IT WITH FEELING.

Three cheers for AlphaOops!

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AlphaOops: IN A MUSEUM

From TimeOut Chicago Kids:

It’s no secret that children’s books contain some of the world’s finest art. The illustrations and paintings might not hang next to Seurat, Degas or O’Keefe, but this summer they’re darn close, thanks to a nifty new exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago: “Told and Retold.”

Located in the Art Institute of Chicago’s always-free Family Room, the mini exhibit contains enchanting work for recent picture books done by an eclectic mix of eight artists. The connective tissue here is not a publisher, but an artists’ agency: Studio Goodwin Sturges. Run by Judy Sue Goodwin Sturges of Rhode Island, the agency dedicates its efforts to producing stunning children’s books. There’s a wide range on display here—in form as well as content—from a coterie of artists hailing from across the U.S. and Europe.

Read more about the exhibit here.

And…say it with me, kids, just like Indy:


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Lunch Money @ CCPL

If you have children and don’t know about the band Lunch Money, you should really get on that.

Here’s a video I took of Lunch Money performing “Going to the Library” at the Charleston Public Library on May 30th. It was so awesome to finally see them play LIVE!!

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