Hello, everyone!

You may remember back a few weeks ago, when I mentioned that a friend had emailed me, congratulating me on AlphaOops: The Day Z Went First having a cameo in The Smurfs Movie.

Sure enough, my cousin Jamie (who had the DVD on hand) took a screen shot for me — there is is, front and center!


Last night, I started getting some posts on my Facebook wall, and this morning I woke up to a slew of tweets and emails directing me to the link to CBS Sunday Morning, which ran their feature with Nora Roberts yesterday.

The interview was done this spring, when Nora hosted the Washington Romance Writers at her bookstore for the Mega Booksigning. I remember the camera crew there that day (but mostly I remember sitting next to the awesome duo of Allison Leotta and Alma Katsu).

If you watch the interview (in which Nora comes across as exceptionally articulate and the interviewer comes off as…someone not so articulate), right around 6:50 Nora takes the interviewer into the Nora Roberts Section of Turn the Page. In the middle of that section is a table featuring books from the WRW signing, and smack dab in the middle is AlphaOops: H Is for Halloween.

So both AlphaOops books have now busted into movies AND major network television.

Next: THE OVAL OFFICE! *grin*