Shattering the Glass Slipper

Release date: August 1, 2022

Featuring my original story “Dear Auntie Star” – An orphan girl (Star) rescues a cursed raven princess and a magic ring from an evil wizard in Egypt, then grows up to become a time traveling Agony Aunt/Fairy Godmother whose advice helps everyone but herself.

Dear Someone,
I have stoppered this message up inside a bottle, in the hopes that it finds a kindred spirit in the World of Men who might answer a question for this lonesome little mermaid.
Are the hearts of souls above the sea built the same as those of us who live among her blessed depths? Despite our obvious differences, my heart aches for a human man. We met only once—I’d thought him dead when I came upon him, so I’m not even sure he saw me clearly in return. Because of me, he lived. I’ve since discovered his seaside dwelling. I watch him when he walks on his balcony there, despite my sisters’ warnings.
I cannot stop myself from wondering: does he dream of me? Does he feel this same emptiness in his chest that pulls like the tide? Does he yearn? I would give anything to be by his side. Anything. EVERYTHING.
Please tell me he feels the same way about me. Even just a fraction.
Please give me hope.

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