Cast of Wonders 494: “The Day I Didn’t Get a Pet Nebula”

Now available for your listening pleasure: Cast of Wonders 494: The Day I Didn’t Get a Pet Nebula

Author : Effie Seiberg Narrator : Alethea Kontis Host : Amy Brennan

On the day I turned nine, I didn’t get a pet nebula. I’d really really wanted one, just like the one Shelly had. And I’d been talking about it FOR-EVER, so Dad could have the time to save up for the one in the pawn shop, and I’m not usually patient enough to talk about anything that long. I told him how responsible I was and how I could take it for walks and trim its dust wisps and everything. I made him breakfast when he got home from his shift a bunch of times, and even did the dishes after to prove how responsible I was.