Fascinating New Things

Hello, my dears!

Is it time for storm chasing yet??

The answer is: YES. Chris and I leave next week, and I am SO EXCITED. (Yes, we are both fully vaccinated!) I am attempting to do All the Things before I leave, including All the Gardening…and writing this letter to tell you about the myriad of things I’ve been up to! An effort I fully intend to perform more reguarly in the coming year, now that I’m back to, you know, publishing books.

(No, I cannot tell you about the books yet! But I can say that there are at least two, from major publishers, and they are both picture books. I promise you will know more as soon as I can tell you!)

In preparation for storm chasing, the Princess Alethea team and I have updated my website. If you have 5 minutes, please go click around! (Especially to the stormchasing page!) PLUS, we got the ball rolling for some special new Patreon bonuses soon to come, including new t-shirt designs and Princess Alethea Paper Dolls!! There’s also a 15% discount if you buy an annual subscription!

Make sure you’re subscribed to my YouTube channel! (Click on the bell icon to receive notifications when I go live) When we are storm chasing, THIS is where I’ll be (sorry, FB and IG—for economy’s sake I had to pick only one)! I’ll be popping in and out of lives for the next week to practice, so if you see me, come say hi and check out my blue hair! (I realized yesterday I totally look like Joy from Inside Out…that’s so fitting…)

I have also set up the very popular Princess Alethea’s 2021 Stormchasing Gas Fund. I will happily dedicate a gas tank, a coffee, even a hotel room in your honor! (If you are not a fan of GoFundMe, there are always alternate methods of shooting $ to me in the links in my bio.)

Other Fascinating New Things of Note:

  • New audio! PodCastle 677: “Our Roots Devour” story by Lora Gray, narrated by Alethea Kontis. One listener tweeted: “AHHH the voice in this story is MEANT for audio and @AletheaKontis captures it perfectly!” (Squee!)
  • Talkabook is now live, a site that connects creators with children around the world. Click the link to check out their Princess Alethea packages—including a Tea Party with the Princess Herself!
  • Castle of Horrors 5: Thinly Veiled 1097’s Inspired Horror is now up for preorder (release June 15), featuring my story “Confessions of the Ex-Future-Mrs. X”, where Mr. X is totally not Willy Wonka. The book is currently #13 on Amazon in New Horror Anthologies—help us get to #1!
  • Do you journal? You may want to start you own Journal Healing Project.
  • For my tarot friends: this month I discuss The Sun card. (Even More Joy!)
  • If you’re not following Tour Alaska on Facebook & Instagram, you should be. (More very special news about this to come!)

That’s it for now — I need to get back to packing for Tornado Alley. Because it’s been over a year, and that emergency poncho I got at Niagara Falls should be RIGHT HERE…

Love y’all!


Princess Alethea