Endangered Princess

I write books about people who sometimes fall in love at first sight. Like most writers, I base this on my own personal experience, because I tend to fall in love with people at first sight all the time. It’s one of the things I love best about people: how awesome they are.

I also write books about teenage girls who fall in love with frogs and swans. This is not based on experience, but upon years upon years of fairy tale research.

Sometimes, these two things happen IN THE SAME BOOK.

Guess which one readers are more likely to believe?

Yes, despite both science and Real Life Experience, it’s amazing how many young people today do not believe in Love at First Sight and constantly whine and moan about books that feature “insta-love.”

GAH. If I hear that made up word used one more time, I might punch something. So I wrote an essay for Clarkesworld explaining why I am a proud member of what seems to be an increasingly endangered species.

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