In Which Princess Alethea Embraces Ubiquity

...and a REALLY great quote on the front.I’ve been out of it since Nebula Award weekend. To be fair, I did plan for it. I knew that I would have a week after traveling cross-country to get over whatever I needed to get over before BEA.

I did not, of course, plan to lose an entire day (last Thursday is around here SOMEWHERE) and then, you know, completely forget that the paperback of Enchanted released today. Because I totally didn’t! Okay…maybe I did. For a little while.

But I’m a good rabbit. I had preblogged most of this week, including my release day. I sent off an article to Joyce Lamb late last month. And I had just spent a lovely weekend in the company of Carrie, who happens to write for a well known romance blog.

And today, all of that exploded.

Read “Princess Alethea’s 11 Best Fairy Tale Films” on USA TODAY. (Look, Mom, they gave me a BYLINE!)

Check out Carrie’s review of Enchanted for Smart Bitches, Trashy Books (and discover why one should really take one’s time when devouring Enchanted…)

Then read Carrie’s interview with me that we did that last day at the Nebulas. Carrie did a TON of interviews that weekend, and rushed to get mine up for the book release. Thank you, Carrie! You’re the best! xox