Notes From the Road

Things to remember for future book tours:

* Eat as well as you can. Stock the car with granola bars, gum, and water. Stay away from spicy foods. Salads are your friend.

* Once you reach your destination, drink even more water. Like, a gallon.

* It’s not enough to bring vitamins with you–you have to actually TAKE them as well.

* When you’re all keyed up and still need to sleep decently, Tylenol PM can be your friend. (Thank you, Laura.)

* At every book store, be sure to get a business card from the store and write the name of the staff you met on it. You may want to write them a thank you note later!

* You will notice your car. I forgot how much better my gas mileage is when not stuck in traffic around DC. I also realized that the squeaking in the front wheel has become much more pronounced. And now the hatchback door won’t open.

* Always own a hatchback, so that if the trunk door gets jammed, you can still crawl over the seat to rescue things.

* It’s a good idea to factor in a few days down time after the first 5 or so appearances, so you can rest and do things…like take your car to be fixed.

I am having a BLAST on this tour. I love meeting everyone. You have all been so wonderful and amazing! And if I haven’t met you yet, you can believe I’m looking forward to it!!!

Princess Alethea