All In the Family

YALSA’s The Hub published an article about “Finding a Strong Family Connection in YA…Yes, It Can Be Done!”

So many YA books are about kids who are orphans, or who have difficult family situations. But there do exist some–a few–which concentrate on families working together to solve problems and help on adventures. (There just need to be more families like The Incredibles.)

Jessica Miller “decided to hunt around through the books I’d read recently for examples of strong families and was pleased to find some great reading choices! These are books where the parents care and are actively involved in their children’s lives and books with families made stronger throughout because of the obvious and open love between parents, children, and siblings.”

I am honored that Enchanted was named second on her list of six recent books with strong family ties. Hooray!!

I highly encourage you to read the rest of the article here.