Apparently, there’s a trend in the book world that I’ve TOTALLY MISSED up until now called “Waiting On Wednesday.” On Wednesdays (surprise!) bloggers mention the upcoming books they’re really looking forward to reading.

I had no idea about this phenomenon. And then my inbox started to be flooded with Google Alerts about Enchanted. The links sent me to sites like:

Chloe’s Thoughts, by Chloe Summner

La Femme Readers

Endlessly Bookish

Oh My Books!

Lauren’s Crammed Bookshelf

Spades High Reads

I have discovered a few things from reading all these blogs:

1.) The cover is GORGEOUS. Yes, I definitely agree. I’ve been told it’s not officially “finished,” but I hope when it is, they don’t change a thing.

2.) Everyone is excited about fairy tale retellings. I can’t tell you how over the moon I am about this, since it’s kind of been my life’s work. Personally I hope Once Upon a Time and Grimm stay on TV for a very long time so that I get to play in Fairy Tales FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.

3.) A lot of folks find the Frog Prince storyline unique. As it’s a Fairy Tale, it’s by definition not unique, and has even been done by Disney (but, thankfully, not in the movie called Enchanted — that would be too confusing.) While what you get from the cover and the blurb is that this begins with the Frog Prince retelling, it actually includes the original “Cinderella” and “Fitcher’s Bird” in large quantities as well.

4.) People I don’t even know have the ability to spell my name correctly. THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!! I love you.


Please feel free drop by any of these blogs to say hello! Or click over to Goodreads and see what folks are already saying about Enchanted.


[Edited to add: There is a list of the WoW bloggers over at Breaking the Spine. As of this entry, there are almost 300 bloggers participating. If you would like to start a WoW on your own blog, be sure to contact them and get added to the list! Thanks to my dear friend Vane for this info.]