The Quotable Princess

The infamous Luc Reid — optimistic motivator, SF writer, award winner, member of the League of Unextraordinary Gentlepersons, and founder of the Codex Writers Group.

In Luc’s infinite wisdom, he decided to post pages of memorable quotes by its fantabulous members, lifted from the Codex forums (with permission, of course). In Luc’s own words:

I love the group not because of the amount of success of its members (which tests my envy tolerance on a regular basis) but because of the flood of wisdom, intelligence, kindness, encouragement, and enthusiasm that wells up every day through posts, e-mails, discussions, critiques, and in-person meetings. And while I can’t share all of that material, I can and will share quotes that have cropped up on our forum, with the position of the originators.

And who is the quotable member (by far not the most quoted–that’s probably James Maxey)? WHY ME, OF COURSE! You can check out all my nuggets of wisdom by clicking this little old link right here. It’s funny to see my own words from so long ago posted on an internet wall like so much bathroom graffiti…and full of all  the inherent wisdom that comes with such an honor.

I also highly recommend this list of quotes from Eric James Stone and Helena Bell — two of my favorite witty people. Well worth reading…and possibly writing on a wall with a Sharpie somewhere.

These quotes make me miss Codex. I am terrible about keeping up with things like messageboards (and Facebook mail, and phone calls), especially when I should be writing. Happily, everyone there knows I’ll pop back in from time to time, and they’ll continue the conversation like I haven’t been gone a day. They really are the best of all possible friends.