Cuppa Awesome

There are riots in London. You might have heard.

What you might not have heard about is Operation Cup of Tea, the online home of the anti-riot tea movement. Their mission: to unite everyone against the riots as a show of solidarity during these difficult times. How do they do that?

Why, stay inside and drink tea, of course! It’s the British thing to do.

This movement is the brainchild of Sam Pepper, one kid who thought it would make a difference if people in the UK banded together and posted pictures of themselves drinking tea. So they did. And now the rest of the world wants to chime in. Myself included. Drinking Tea is a very Princessy Thing to Do. Plus, I get to show off my awesome Frog Prince teapot.

If you’d like to find out more about Operation Cup of Tea (or donate money, or post pictures), go to their website HERE, and you’ll find out what to do.


Love you guys. xox