Fascinating New Things

As Murphy’s punishment for staying off the internet yesterday and cleaning the house (like the Fairy Goddaughters’ rooms weren’t punishment enough), I missed a couple of Fascinating New Things:

1.) There’s a new Llamas with Hats episode. I’m guessing I was probably the only one who didn’t Tweet about it, but here’s the link in case you missed it. Explosions, hilarity, death & mayhem, just in time for Christmas. Caaaaaaaaarl…

2.) There’s a new forum up at Apex Book Company. I have a section there, all to my lonesome where you are all welcome to come chat with me! As you know, I’ve had my own forum on the Brian Keene Message Board for a long time, but you have to sign up to read that one. Guests on Apex can read any of the babbling to and from authors, and if you want to post, all you have to do is sign up on WordPress (which you have to do on most blogs/forums nowadays).

Right now it’s just a lonely little place with nobody talking about anything. I think I’m going to pop over and jazz it up a bit. You are absolutely welcome to come by and add your two cents! (Especially if you’ve had too much egg nog.)