The Prolific Princess

Last winter, what with the nervous breakdown and the running away from home and all (has it really been almost a year? It seems like a decade), I completely forgot to jump in the pond and get myself considered for some awards. (i missed the Stokers COMPLETELY. *doh*) A writer really has to stay on top of these things.

This year, I decided to get a jump on things. The HWA has a thread for Stoker recommendations on their message board, so I made a post about “The God of Last Moments”, my short story from DARK FAITH. I told the FairyGodboyfriend about it when he got home from work yesterday.

“But what about your story in Skipp’s anthology? You know, the one that was next to Neil Gaiman?”

O.M.G. Can you believe I’d forgotten about “Sweetheart Come”? Skipp would KILL me if he knew. My brain began to compute. “Holy crap,” I answered. I’ve had a lot of stories come out this year.”

“How many of them could be considered horror?” asked FGB.

“Jeez…almost all of them.”

And so I’ve decided to put together a list of the stories I’ve had come out (or which are coming out) this year. Once again, this list is for my own edification (because it’s my website and I DO WHAT I WANT), as well as the edification of my mother and any other Princess Alethea-philes who are collecting my backlist to sell on eBay when I’m all famous & junk. Or, heck…for people who love ghost stories. There are a lot of ghost stories here. Eleven stories in total? Holy moly… That’s enough for me to have my own anthology! (hmmm….)

Plus, it will be easier for me to reference this post again in January, when everybody does the standard “what I published in 2010 that’s applicable for award nomination” — I always find those helpful. Mostly because I never can remember when John Scalzi publishes stuff.

In no particular order:
(F = fantasy, H = horror, SF = science fiction)

(F/H) “Sweetheart Come” from John Skipp’s Werewolves and Shape Shifters: Encounters with the Beasts Within
(F/H) “The God of Last Moments” from Maurice Broaddus and Jerry Gordon’s Dark Faith
(SF/H) “Black Hole Sun” (co-authored with Kelli Owen) from Jason Sizemore’s Dark Futures: Tales of Dystopian SF
(H) “Life’s a Beach” (co-authored with Ariell Branson) from Jason Sizemore’s Apexology: Horror (e-book)
(SF/H) “Pocket Full of Posey” from Rick Novy’s 2020 Visions
(F/H) “Blue and Gray & Black & Green” from Michael Knost’s Legends of the Mountain State 4
(F/H) “Diary of a Ghost’s Mistress” from Shroud Magazine Issue #9
(F/H) “Red Lantern” from Shroud Magazine Issue #10 (Halloween issue guest edited by Kevin Lucia)
(SF/H) “Savage Planet” from Jessy Marie Roberts’s The Four Horsemen: An Anthology of Conquest, War, Famine & Death
(SF) “The Way of the Restless” from Jessy Marie Robert’s Patented DNA
(SF) “The Unicorn Tree” from Alva J. Roberts’s Zero Gravity: Adventures in Deep Space