Awesome San Francisco Pics

Sunset on the Pier 43 Arch

I had a free afternoon this time in San Francisco, so I explored Fisherman’s Wharf through the lens of my camera. Ghirardelli Park, the shipyard at the Hyde Street pier, Alcatraz, the Coit tower, Golden Gate bridge, Golden Gate park and greenhouse, hilly streets, trolley cars… I’m always conscious of the fact that I’m living vicariously for more than a few people, so I try to make it worth their while.

My favorite part of wandering amongst the tourists was taking pictures for other people. I must have taken ten photos, both asked and offered. I know what it’s like, coming back from a town as picturesque as San Francisco with no pictures of yourself, or you and all the loved ones who suffered beside you for hours on the airplane beside you. Since everything’s digital now, I always asked that they review the photo and make sure it’s okay. It made me feel good, and I got to try out a few different brands of digital camera.

I’ve always said that when I die, I want to be taken to the place where we get to see all the photos we didn’t know we were in, stuck in the back of someone else’s vacation pictures. In addition, I think I’d also like to flip through all the ones I’ve taken for other people. So far, I think Facebook’s the closest thing we have to that on the mortal plane. (Kudos to all you folks who take the time to tag things.)

Enjoy the pics!

San Fran Part One — Scharffenberger tour, Jeff Carlson signing, and Berkeley (earlier this year), Fisherman’s Wharf
San Fran Part Two — Fisherman’s Wharf, Golden Gate park & greenhouse

Always take advantage of a full moon.