Letter to My Child, Alethea

Yes, Sweetheart, I AM your biggest fan (don’t tell Dad!)

When you were little and they told us you were a gifted child we were so worried that we would somehow let you down as parents. It’s hard enough knowing what to do with a normal child but a gifted one?? What they didn’t tell us was that we need not worry. You would eventually learn to deal with life in your own special way. You would see the good in all things and make magic out of mayhem. Your mind would be able to create fantasy worlds full of love that you would put down on paper and share with the world.

Every time I read your blog or one of your stories I’m amazed at your talent. I am thrilled at your love of life and how you make every moment count for something. You have become a beautiful woman both inside and out. You have much to share with the world and you have found your medium, the written word.

I AM very proud of you. I am proud to say, “THAT’S MY DAUGHTER, PRINCESS ALETHEA!”

We were with you at the Nebulas. We found the live feed on the internet and were not surprised to find you front and center of the camera where you have always been most comfortable. Dad could not remain quiet but had to send you a text. We wanted you to know that we were with you. We will always be with you.

Much love, forever and ever until the end of time,

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  1. Lady Hannah Says:

    Oh dearest Mum Kontis,

    That is the most lovely letter I have ever read! Seeing that you support your daughter is something wonderful in itself! It makes me think about what each child in our family will turn out to be. As we are currently blooming into the flowers we will become. :/ I’m sure that could be phrased a lot better but you know what I mean.

    Sometimes too, parents are so blinded by love and admiration that they often have to ask themselves:
    ‘am I so biased that I wouldn’t notice that my child isn’t that talented? I’m so blind that I think they are something to be proud of and in actuality they’re not?!”
    It seems there is a moment in time though, where they stand on their own two feet, and leave their mark in the world; it is THEN that you realize they ARE truly amazing! I can only imagine how glorious that feeling must be… perhaps someday I shall experience it myself.

    Was this ‘live video feed’ posted somewhere that Princess Alethea’s OTHER fans can see it too by any chance? 🙂

    -Lady Hannah
    of New England

  2. Alethea Says:

    Aw…thank you, Hannah!
    There will be a link Of the ceremony– I’ll make sure to post it.
    I don’t know that they’ll have the pre-ceremony, though–that’s where folkss could see me best.

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