ENCHANTED Book Trailer

This one wasn’t made by me — it was done by a fan, completely without my knowledge. Which is why you always need to sign up for Google Alerts…because THIS IS EPICALLY AWESOME.

I encourage you all to visit YouTube and tell her how much you love it too!

6 Responses to “ENCHANTED Book Trailer”

  1. Lady Hannah Says:

    That was brilliant! Makes me want to make one for my favorite books! 😉

  2. Princess Alethea Says:

    I know! It’s a bit of copyright infringement, but I do love the bits this creator added from the movie. She picked the RIGHT movie!

  3. Mom Kontis Says:

    That was amazing! I had to watch it twice! The creator did a great job of picking the perfect pictures/videos and putting them with the perfect words. Very creative and imaginative.

  4. Lady Hannah Says:

    Hi Princess Alethea, me again. I was just wondering will you be posting the cover contest entries on Facebook today? Or was today the last day for entry and you’re posting them tomorrow? I can’t wait to see them so I’m just anxious that’s all…

    Also, I was SO inspired by the trailer you shared there, that I kind of made one of my own on You Tube. 🙂 So thanks for posting the link otherwise I might never have seen it!

  5. Princess Alethea Says:

    Congrats on the trailer!
    The covers are already up in an album & have been for 2 weeks.

  6. Lady Hannah Says:

    What?! I have been checking it all the time and it keeps telling me “The page you have requested is not available right now” that the album doesn’t exist. Maybe you could share a direct link? Sorry for all the trouble.

    Here’s a link to my trailer I made… I have to admit I kept getting all the sisters mixed up at first and this helped me get it straight! XD

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