The Princess and David B. Coe

My dear friend, fantasy author David B. Coe has invited me over to his website today and asked me a few insightful questions as part of my blog tour.

Find out what I have to say about fairy tales in this economy, genre bending, and the YA market — just click on over here.

Once again, be sure to leave David some love in the comments!

Thanks you!



2 Responses to “The Princess and David B. Coe”

  1. Qweequeg Says:

    Alas, it will not allow me to comment over there (at least not without some signy-uppy authorizationy hoohah), but here’s what I tried to leave as a comment:

    “Very nice chat, you two! I enjoyed it very much. It could have been better tho, but only if I had made a cup of tea to sip while I read it. :D”

  2. David B. Coe Says:

    Thanks, Qweequeg. Sorry for the signy-uppy thing. Livejournal is like that.

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