PROJECT T-SHIRT: New Design Available!

Hello Awesome Everyone!

I hope you’re loving the T-Shirt Project as much as we are! We put out so many new designs in 2023, and I’m thrilled to keep it going in 2024 and share with you the ninth image!

How This Works:

We’ll be creating shirts based on things in my life, poetry, or just random things that get said to me. The ninth of which is a little sneak peak into the coming year: Alethea’s Flowers and Script A!

This beautiful shirt will make sense as you see all the new and awesome things coming in 2024. But for now, we’re going to leave you guessing just a little.

If you want to show your support for Alethea’s Moving Castle, grab our latest shirt for yourself! For the last month it has been EXCLUSIVE to the Brute Squad all over the world via my Patreon, but now, like all our shirts in #ProjectTShirt, it is available worldwide! (Don’t want to wait for the public release? Become a Patron for just $1 and get early access!)

It is also NOT LIMITED to just t-shirts! Each design comes in t-shirt, sweatshirt, hoodie (zip-up AND pullover!), tank tops, women’s cut shirts, raglan shirts, long sleeve t-shirt, and MORE! (Some are even available in phone case, pillow, pop socket, or tote bag!) All links in this post are to the US Amazon site, but if you’re looking for this design in another country or on a specific item not linked, just comment below and we’ll reply with the link you need!

And even if you don’t buy it, please leave us some feedback! Love it? Hate it? Wish it were bigger/smaller/italicized? We’ll be taking these comments into account as we generate future images.

Each shirt of 2024 will be exclusive to patrons for ~30 days on Amazon. After that, they’ll be available publicly on Amazon.

*Amazon tends to de-list images if they are not purchased within 90 days, so if you find yourself wanting an image that has disappeared, let us know.

**The Amazon links we use will be Associate links. Which means that Alethea can earn extra $ whenever you use those links to get to Amazon. (Even if you don’t but a t-shirt!)

So if this shirt speaks to you the way it speaks to me, go grab yours!

Princess Alethea

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