Coffee Princess K-drama Roundup – December 2023

Let’s be honest. I finished writing the second Korea book and lost track of everything. (Yes, I really did write 2 drama-like novels in 5.5 months!) But here are a few highlights! (I have so much to catch up on now…)

Destined With You – (Netflix) Look. Rowoon is just beautiful, okay? I could watch 16 hour-long episodes of Rowoon stuck in traffic. This drama could have stunk and I wouldn’t have cared. But it didn’t! Rowoon and Jo Bo-ah (Tale of the Nine-Tailed, Military Prosecutor Doberman) team up in this part-office drama, part-shamanistic adventure involving past lives and love spells and curses and it’s just a LOT of fun. And it ALSO features this fireworks celebration which is now on my growing List of Reasons to Go To South Korea.

See You in My 19th Life – (Netflix) Let me count the ways in which I love Ahn Bohyun. 💜 I loved him most in Yumi’s Cells, and Her Private Life. I hated him in Itaewon Class (but we were supposed to). I even loved his bit part in Descendants of the Sun. Military Prosecutor Doberman was the perfect role for him. OF COURSE I was going to watch this drama. I was just waiting until most of it had aired so I didn’t have to wait so long for the end of it!

Our heroine is played by Shin Hyesun (Mr. Queen, Angel’s Last Mission: Love), and she can remember all her previous lives. ABH plays the boy she loved before she died as a young teen in a car crash in her last life. But was she murdered? Is her presence adversely affecting the people around her? Is this past life thing even solveable?

The cast is fantastic and amazing, and only the writers in the crowd (like me) will be a teeny bit disappointed that the through line is kind of weak. The ending is fine, and satisfying..but I know in my heart it could have been so much better.
Still…watch it anyway!

Celebrity – (Netflix) A short and dark series about the world of Instagram fashion influencers. The acting is great—Park Gyu-young (Dali & the Cocky Prince) is amazing—and it’s pretty fun to watch…but I kind of liked The Fabulous better…

The Fabulous – (Netflix) A short, less dark series about four young friends in the fashion industry. It stars Chae Soobin, whom I loved in A Piece of Your Mind and I am Not a Robot, and features Shin Dong-mi, whom I loved as the sassy manager in Record of Youth. It’s a quickie (as dramas go) and worth the watch.

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