The Coffee Princess’s Top Thirty-eleven K-Dramas

A friend on my FB Author Page recently asked me to assemble a Top 10 list of my favorite K-Dramas. Totally my personal opinion. OMGAAAAAAAA…! I mean, I have maybe a Top 5 or 8 for sure…but past that there are about 30 equally amazing dramas.

So, here’s my best shot! (Along with where you can stream them.) And this is only my Top Thirty-eleven SO FAR…while I am officially addicted to K-Dramas, I’ve only been watching them nonstop since November of 2021. I still have a lot to catch up on!

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*I made a note of where these dramas were available when I streamed them…those locations often change with time.

The Coffee Princess’s Top Thirty-eleven K-Dramas

1 – Goblin (aka “Guardian: The Lonely and Great God”) (Viki)
2 – King: Eternal Monarch (Netflix)
3 – 25/21 (Netflix)
4 – Touch Your Heart (Netflix/Viki free)
5 – Twinkling Watermelon (Viki)
6 – Business Proposal (Netflix)
7 – Tale of the Nine-Tailed (Netflix/Viki free)
8 – Hotel Del Luna (Netflix/Viki free)
9 – Search: WWW (Viki free)
10 – Crash Landing on You (Netflix)
11 – Vincenzo (Netflix)
11 – Because This Is My First Life (Netflix/Viki free)
11 – Coffee Prince (Viki Plus)
11 – W (Viki free)
11 – While You Were Sleeping (Viki free)
11 – Descendants of the Sun (Viki free)
11 – Personal Taste (Viki free)
11 – So I Married the Anti Fan (Viki standard)
11 – Hometown Cha Cha Cha (Netflix)
11 – The Heirs (aka “Inheritors”) (Netflix / Viki free)
11 – Start-Up (Netflix)
11 – Cinderella and the Four Knights (Netflix/Viki free)
11 – Squid Game (Netflix)
11 – What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim (Viki Standard)
11 – Her Private Life (Netflix/Viki)
11 – Romance is a Bonus Book (Netflix)
11 – Happiness (Viki free)
11 – It’s Okay Not to Be Okay (Netflix)
11 – True Beauty (Viki free)
11 – Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (Viki Standard)
11 – Reply 1988 (Netflix / Viki free)
11 – Hospital Playlist (Netflix)
11 – Extraordinary You (Viki Standard)
11 – Angel’s Last Mission: Love (Viki Plus)
11 – My Roommate is a Gumiho (Viki Plus)
11 – Sh**ting Stars (Viki)
11 – Castaway Diva (Netflix)

(Yes, I’m an active member of a global Lee Dong-wook fan club. We sponsored a coffee truck during the filming of Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938.)