The Hitherto Secret Experiments of Marie Curie

When asked if I was interested in writing “an alternate history about a young Marie Curie getting mixed up in dark fantasy shenanigans”, of course I said YES. (Dead Women in STEM FTW!)

And then I proceeded to do the most research I have ever done for a short story. I read a myriad of books and articles on both young Marie Curie and turn-of-the-century Poland. Dictionaries, calendars, and maps were involved. (Did you know there is an old-growth forest in the middle of Warsaw?) I studied for a month before forcing myself to stop. Plus…y’all know I’ve always wanted to write my “girl befriends the monster under her bed” story. So…

“Marya’s Monster” is about a young Marie Curie who befriends the monster under her bed while coming to terms with the death of her mother. And in true Alethea Kontis fashion: the more you know about Marie Curie, the more you will appreciate the many, many amazing and magical and TRUE threads woven into this heart-wrenching tale.

(As soon as Sarah read “Marya’s Monster,” she declared it her Favorite Alethea Story of All Time. And then I wrote “The Ghost Lake Mermaid…”)

Also: how awesome is this cover??

Now available for Preorder: Release Date April 11, 2023

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