NEW: Alethea & Tempest’s Writing Salon!

The Fun & Games “unworkshops” that Tempest and I hosted this winter/spring were a success in more ways than one. Not only did we have a lot of fun playing the games, some of us were able to get a story seed or two out of them! Some created our own games! Some of us put words on paper again for the first time in ages! And we did it all with the support of a great mini community…and WITHOUT ANY PRESSURE WHATSOEVER.

It was refreshing in ways I don’t have the words to explain.

So Tempest and I found a way to continue on a more regular basis—neither of us has time in our schedule to run a multi-week workshop every month, but we do have time to run one!

Last week we launched a Patreon for the Fun and Writing Games Salon. Every month we’ll play a different writing-based game in a virtual session. Between sessions, we’ll support each other, share our writing (if we want), and maybe even come up with new writing games the whole group can play!

Each salon session is 2 hours and is ENTIRELY OPTIONAL. (No pressure, remember?) We’ll start by playing the game and, once we’re done, if we have time participants are invited to share what they wrote. We’ll end with a lovely informal chat about our experiences playing. All patrons will get access to a private video of the game so they can play along even if they’re unable to join live. Salon dates and times will be voted on by patrons to find schedules that work for most people.

If you’d like to join us, it’s $6/month. You can join anytime — consider this a standing invitation. We hope to see you there and look forward to playing games with you!