in conversation with Christopher Paolini

New York Times bestselling author Alethea Kontis sits down with New York Times bestselling author Christopher Paolini (Eragon) to discuss his upcoming release from Tor–To Sleep in a Sea of Stars–his first adult novel.

I had a ton of fun coming up with questions for this one…but I was absolutely NOT expecting Christopher to turn the tables on ME!

To Sleep in a Sea of Stars follows Kira Navárez, who, during a routine survey mission on an uncolonized planet, finds an alien relic that thrusts her into the wonders and the nightmares of first contact. High stakes space battles for the fate of humanity take her to the farthest reaches of the galaxy, transforming not only Kira herself, but the entire course of history as well.

his panel was presented by the 2020 Southern Festival of Books for Humanities Tennessee.