March Roundup

March Lee 2019

Oh my gosh…WE SURVIVED THIS MONTH! (Honestly, I’m not totally sure how I did it…but YAY!)
Two cons back-to-back, one major copyedit (that is still not done), four new audio stories recorded (announcements coming soon!), one Top Secret Pitch, one NPR review, and TEN NEW AGENTS QUERIED! Whew!
Here’s what happened on Patreon in March:
Adventure Level
— #SmileMail Monday
— #FriendlyFriday
Essay Level
—  “This Is How She Does It” – How The Invincible Princess Alethea Gets Sick (and Gets Better) at Cons
Exclusive Level
Sneak Peek Level
Treasure Box Level
THANK YOU to my Patrons, ever and always for supporting me and my work! I couldn’t do it without you! 
Remember: Next month we launch new SIDESHOW LEVELS!
~Princess Alethea


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