February Roundup

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Here’s what happened over on Patreon in February:

ADVENTURE LEVEL (known for 5 seconds as the “Holiday Card Level.”)

— #SmileMail Monday

— #FriendlyFriday

— New Narrations: EscapePod Episode #666

— First Quarter NPR Review Links

— Happy Book Birthday ONCE UPON A STAR!

—  IGMS 67: The Antepenultimate Issue (feat. Alethea x 2)

Essay Level

—  “This is My Brain on Poetry”

Exclusive Level

—  “Dialla Saves the World” —  original flash fiction

Sneak Peek Level

— Top Secret Promo Video

— “Witch’s Star” from the upcoming Do Not Go Quietly anthology (the super nerdy “Heroic Octave Crown” poem, where each connected verse is also an acrostic. I LOVED WORKING ON THIS PROJECT SO MUCH!)

Treasure Box Level

— A CD of Adam Ezra’s new solo album Find a Way!

THANK YOU ever and always for supporting me and my work! I couldn’t do it without you!


~Princess Alethea