National Poetry Month, Day 24

In the wake of World Book Night, please enjoy some fun poetry from The Wonderland Alphabet!


The Wonderland Alphabet: Verse by Alethea Kontis, Illustrated by J.K. LeeA

A is for Alice, a curious girl
Who fell very far through a hole in the world
She followed a clock-watching rabbit, you see
To a land full of wonder, and madness, and tea.



I do not fear the ticking clock
But lo, I fear the Jabberwock
I keep my vorpal blade at hand
To slay the scourge of Wonderland.



Mad Hatter, Savior, so carefree
Turns our water into tea
Ever knowing there and thence
Much madness is divinest sense!



Red or White or Hearts, no matter
From the March Hare to the Hatter
I am Queen, as all can see
And all ways here belong to me.