New Books Released!

Boy…this last bit of the year has suddenly seen FOUR books released with me in them. I feel all shiny and popular. In fact, when I get home from FaerieCon on Sunday, I’ll be buying myself some flowers to celebrate!

Hero you know about…goodness knows I’ve been talking it up enough this year.

Hero, October 1, 2013

The second is my collection WILD & WISHFUL, DARK & DREAMING — not the fairy tales, but still full of darkness and magic..and even the occasional bit of sci-fi fun.

Wild & Wishful, Dark & Dreaming--story collection by Alethea Kontis

The Book of Apex Volume 4 was also just announced — this anthology includes stories from 15 issues of Apex Magazine, including my creepy horror YA fairy tale serial killer origin story “Blood From Stone.”

Book of Apex, Volume 4

And if you were lucky enough to be at Comic Book City Convention in Greensboro a few weeks go, you had the opportunity to pick up an exclusive VERY FIRST PRINTING of the infamous Diary of a Mad Scientist Garden Gnome by me and Janet Lee.

Chances are, we’re not even going to put this one on Amazon — it’s only going to be available if you see either Janet or I in person at one of our many appearances all around the globe. But if you keep your fingers crossed and wish on many stars, you might also find some copies available through Janet Lee’s Etsy Site — best go ahead and bookmark that link anyway. There’s great stuff there!

Diary of a Mad Scientist Garden Gnome...IS ALIVE!