I Am Strange

…along with a slew of other awesome people.

This was a mission put together by my friends Monte Cook and Shanna Germain — to check out the website, support the effort, and celebrate your own special strangeness, CLICK HERE.

Featured Strange People (in order of appearance):

Bruce Cordell · Jay Lake · Cat Rambo
Lee Moyer · Kurt Busiek · Jen Page
James L. Sutter · Susan Morris
Tammie Webb Ryan · Stan! · Fred Hicks
Mary Robinette Kowal · Len Peralta
Bill Cavalier · Kat Richardson
Sean K. Reynolds · Russ Morrissey
Mike Selinker · Alethea Kontis
Jonathan Tweet · Charles Ryan
Natalie Whipple · Erik Scott de Bie
Ed Grabianowski · Matt Forbeck
Erin M. Evans · Peter Adkison
Monte Cook & Shanna Germain
Monte Cook Games, LLC encourages acceptance, equality, and inclusion at the gaming table and in the geek world at large. We support organizations and events that embrace these values, and we encourage all strange people to do the same.