Music Monday (Fairy Tale Edition)

Every Monday while I’m on book tour for Enchanted, I’m going to share a fun music video that features love, fairy tales, magic, or my inspirations.

Today’s song is, appropriately, “The Frog Prince” by Keane.

Several years ago I was looking for a new CD at the HMV in London, and a random woman handed me Keane’s Hopes and Fears album. “You will love every song on this,” she told me. She wasn’t wrong. Under the Iron Sea, Keane’s sophomore effort, wasn’t as popular in the US, but it has some of my favorite songs on it. Like this one.

An old fairytale told me
The simple heart will be prized again
A toad will be our king
And ugly ogres are heroes…

I can’t find an official video for “The Frog Prince,” but here’s a fun fan-made one featuring a collage of great pictures of the band.