[WIP] Snippet

WIP = “Work in Progress”

I managed to add 2200 words to the sequel yesterday, and would like to do the same today…which means staying off the internet for the most part. But here’s a snippet from yesterday’s writing I thought you might enjoy. With any luck, I’ll be able to pop in tomorrow and do the same.

Saturday knew it was too much to hope that her meddling sister was finished with her. It figured that perfect Miss Adventure who swanned out of their lives when she was ready to go wandering would swan back in just as easily and immediately take over. Saturday was tired of her life being led around by the nose at the beck and call of one sister or another. “You’ve certainly grown quite a bit bigger since I last saw you.”

Bigger? Pirate Mistress of the Seven Seas and that’s the best she could come up with?

“Glad to see that your mouth has grown proportionately.”

Saturday smiled. As jibes went, that one was a bit better.

–From the sequel to ENCHANTED (as yet untitled)