For the Horror Dummies

Chris St. Croix and Blood Oath director David Buchert have teamed with Dread Central to share their creepy short film offerings for the Night Terrors series. The two completed episodes — Chris St. Croix’s “The Keeper” and David Buchert’s “Dummy” — will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray in the next few months. For now, you can watch by clicking right over to Dread Central.

As with most of the horror films I’m involved with, THE CONTENT IS NOT SAFE FOR WORK AND NOT MEANT FOR VIEWERS UNDER THE AGE OF 17. You will have to click through a gate verifying your age in order to watch the short film.

“Dummy” Synopsis: Anne just woke up half naked in an abandoned hospital. She and her two brothers have become players in a game of hide and seek with a masked psycho carrying a grudge.

For those of you old enough to do so…please enjoy!