When You Wish Upon a Star

Reports have been trickling in from those folks who have a subscription to Kirkus — ENCHANTED has received a coveted STARRED book review!

The review begins thusly: “Readers who get past the generic title and an off-puttingly generic cover will discover a fabulous fairy-tale mashup that deserves hordes of avid readers.”

Now, before you all get upset about the fact that this reviewer didn’t warm to the title or the cover, please remember that: 1.) the title is always at the publisher’s discretion, 2.) the folks at Barnes & Noble loved the cover so much that they are going to support the book very nicely, and 3.) Reviewers almost always have to dislike SOMETHING. This reviewer chose the cover, found it wanting, and happily did not judge the book buy it.

YOU GUYS love the cover, and that’s all that matters in the end, isn’t it?

If the WORST thing they can say is that they don’t like the cover, SO BE IT. The rest of the review — trust me — is exceedingly kind and makes me want to buy the reviewer a bouquet of flowers. And a cake. With a sexy nude model inside it.

Unfortunately, if you don’t have a Kirkus subscription, I feel uncomfortable about spilling the beans before the publication date, so check back here on February 15th to see just what this reviewer thinks of ENCHANTED!