The Princess and the Unicorns

A few years ago — 2009 to be exact — I decided I was going to bring the unicorn back. I missed it. Not as something to bastardize or make fun of, but the honest-to-god legendary immortal being of magnificence and power. I remember reading all sorts of historical books about unicorns when I was a teenager, so I started collecting them again.

And then I started writing stories.For who better to bring the unicorns back than a Princess?

Now, selling stories with unicorns in them used to be about as east as selling stories with elves — which is to say, impossible. But I got Beth Wodzinski to cave and buy not only a unicorn story, but a STEAMPUNK unicorn story called “The Giant and the Unicorn,” against her better judgement. And that was just the beginning.

I wrote a postapocalyptic space opera called “The Unicorn Tree” and sold it to an anthology. I wrote what I consider to be the best story I’ve ever written — “The Unicorn Hunter” — for John Skipp’s upcoming DEMONS anthology. I even wrote a very short (500ish-word) new fable about the unicorn for New Myths, but their site went down when I wanted to submit it, and by the time it was back up again, I’d forgotten all about “Unicorn Gold.”

When Jason asked me if I had anything to contribute to his new Apexology: Science Fiction and Fantasy e-Anthology, I pulled up my fiction file and went through the stories one by one…and found it again.

“Unicorn Gold” is about a selfish prince, and the lessons he learns from trying to snare a unicorn. It’s a lovely little story — I’m so glad Jason came along to rescue it from the depths of oblivion known as the “AK WRITING” file.

I encourage you all to pop over and purchase Apexology: Science Fiction and Fantasy (only $2.99!) for your e-reader. I am only one of many stories on this fabulous Table of Contents!


“Dedalus and the Labyrinth“ – J.M. McDermott
“The Imagination Hospital“ – Guy Hasson
“Ride of a Lifetime“ – Patrick S. Tomlinson
“The Komastu“ – Jennifer Brozek
“Stinker City“ – George R. Galuschak
“Tailfeather“ – Monica Valentinelli
“Temple of Regrets“ – Maurice Broaddus
“Haunted Empire“ – Deanna Knippling
“And Night Swallowed the World“ – Paul Jessup
“BollyWorld Gods, Bubonic Men, and the Cyberpunk Samurai“ – O.M.R. Anwar and M. Zak Anwar
“Coming Home“ – Gene O’Neill
“Extremum“ – R. Thomas Riley and Roy C. Booth
“Ride the Wild Wind“ – Gill Ainsworth
“In Her Image“ – Michael A. Burstein
“Unicorn Gold“ – Alethea Kontis
“Gemphalon“ – Elizabeth Engstrom
“G-O-O-D-B-Y-E“ – Nick Mamatas
“Covenant“ – Lavie Tidhar