Caption Winner

Last week I posted a picture of my parents from Xmas for a Caption This Photo Contest. Thanks to all you joksters who jumped in with your two pennies…you guys are a laugh riot!

My all-around favorite caption, of course, came from my sister…it was sort of a play on the dead baby jokes she and my brother collect. But I try to keep this blog PG-13 and fist-fight free, so it’s exempt from the running. (Plus, it’s MY SISTER. It shouldn’t count.)

Check them out if you need a chuckle this morning — there were the requisite fart jokes, some that crossed the border into morbid and disgusting, and one that was even a sort-of play on AlphaOops ( total points for originality, Robert B!). The ones about sock monkeys and tiaras also get cool points for being…well…cool.

It was a tough decision, but I think my favorite posted on the blog was from Bracken:

“Hey Uncle Fred, do you know what happened to the can with Grangran’s ashes? I thought I left it next to to instant cider mix.”

Thanks, Bracken! I’ll email you today and get your info so I can send you a copy of Dark Faith! Congrats!