A Royal Update

I’m only *mostly* dead.

My sinuses hated me before I hopped on the bus to NY last week, and once I got back (from Thanksgiving and visiting family 3 hours away for the weekend) I was exhausted. I bumped up the cold medicine and took lots of vitamins and turned the humidifier on high and drank lots of fluids…but this cough settled in my chest, accompanied by a terrible headache (those are so much fun), and I just couldn’t shake them.

Finally, I threw in the towel and went to the doctor yesterday. Turns out, there’s a fabulous clinic right down the street that is SO NEW that few people know where they are and hey don’t have many clients yet. I was the only one in the waiting room and the doctor (who seemed very intelligent and also had a bit of a cold) saw me right away.

Turns out, I’m essentially the healthiest sick person he’s ever seen. He had no idea exactly what it was I had, but as it was bad enough to end up in his office, he prescribed Sudafed (the hardcore stuff you need a background check to buy now — it still works the best), more steam, and a Z-pak of antibiotics to kill everything from bronchitis to atypical pneumonia to whatever it was Rob & Mary Kowal have.

I’ve got the meds…now I just have to start FEELING better so I can climb out of this mountain of work that’s piled up. Plus, I’m in the middle of a story I’ve wanted to write for a loooong time…so if I vanish again in the near future, don’t worry. I’m just climbing back up the hill.