The Princess’s Day Off

I sent a Tweet when I got home from the gym yesterday morning, and then I took the day off from the computer. The Fairy Goddaughters were out of school and my new desk arrived and needed to be assembled (that only took about 4 hours).Ariell and I went for a ride and got Starbucks and went to the library. We made hamburgers for dinner. I watched a cheesy romance movie and then fell asleep watching FGB try and beat this skeletony-bat thing in a WoW raid. The girls and I finished off the night hanging out in the kitchen, eating apple-monkey-bread and talking about random stuff. It was wonderful.

It’s always refreshing when I banish myself from the electronic world and take a real, stress-free vacation.

Of course, now I have *that* many more words to catch up on with NaNoWriMo, three book reviews to write, and a novel to revise. Which I will do. Directly after a nice, long shower.

May you all have a productive day! Go NaNo!