Yes, it’s that time again — All Saints’ Day and the start of NaNoWriMo. You guys know NaNoWriMo — National Novel Writing Month! It was established, in essence to prove to everyone in the world that yes, you too can be a writer. All you need to do is SIT YOUR BUTT DOWN AND WRITE. It’s just that easy.

50,000 words in one month — it’s tough, but not impossible.

I like to have a project ready for NaNo, though I don’t officially sign up. The first time I did it, I finished my novel at 36,000 words, in about 6 weeks. For me, this was PHENOMENAL. It didn’t matter that I didn’t hit 50K. I finished, and I proved to myself I could finish.

Now, since then that novel has doubled in size and been re-organized and added to and is much better…and it will soon make its way to my agent…but for my first try I still give myself props.

You don’t have to get to 50K. But you still have to try. Even if you get 30K — that’s 1000 words a day — you can accomplish a very great deal. I dare you all to try it with me! You can keep your word counts in the comments, if you like.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I believe the parts for my new desk just showed up. LET THE WRITING BEGIN!!